When was the last time you’ve searched online for a local business or service? According to recent statistics, almost half of all Google searches are local. In order words, if you’re a Liverpool builder seeking new projects, you’ll want to promote your services online to attract more leads and to secure a steady stream of new customers.

Promoting your services online is a matter of developing a solid marketing plan and of carefully implementing it. However, no matter how brilliant your plan and how seamless its implementation is, you might fail at securing enough paying customers to get by. The ultimate goal of a whooping majority of your digital marketing and advertising activities is to bring a user to land on your website. From this point on, your website’s quality, clarity, and effectiveness will make all the difference.

This is why all of your digital marketing efforts should start with the creation of a good website for your Liverpool building services. Here are a few reasons why a good website is an absolute must, despite the fact that you only cater to local customers in Liverpool and neighboring areas.

Online search users landing on your website from Google will want to find information that’s relevant to the search terms that have brought them there in the first place. They want a solution to the very problem that brought them on your website, whether that’s to build a new house from scratch, to renovate an old home, or to add an extension such as an additional room, a garage, or barn.

Users coming from social media aren’t any different. They want to see that you are capable of helping them with their building project. If your website doesn’t convey this message in a concise and effective manner, people will leave it in a split second. The attention span of the average social media user is 2.5 seconds. Furthermore, a website user’s attention span averages 8 seconds. Even if your social media communication is highly effective, you’ll need a good website to grab these users’ attention and to determine them to take action once they get to see your services and your credentials.

In order to make someone pick up the phone and call you right away, your website must be good. It must convey the message that you’re the best builder in Liverpool able to solve their problem. If your promotional campaigns must seize the best opportunities on your local market and attract the highest quality leads, your website must turn these leads into paying customers. Moreover, it must do it within the shortest time possible. Getting internet users to send you an enquiry for a quote is as difficult as bringing them to your website.

Liverpool builders investing in digital advertising need good websites to make the most out of their investment. Those who rely on SEO to attract potential customers also need a good web design to put their optimization efforts to good use. Even those who don’t spend anything on promoting their services need a good website to use as their business card.